Danielle Mandell

Living in a large metropolitan area, Jay and Danielle decided that they wanted a different kind of life for their children. After many long late-night discussions, they decided it was time to find a place to raise the kids that had a slower pace and neighbors you could actually get to know.

Their search for such a place was long and extensive. Over a period of four years they researched several different areas, looking for a neutral climate between the colder north and the hotter south. Having come to the New River Valley often for business, Jay was taken by the magnificence of the Appalachian Mountains. It wasn’t enough to describe the gorgeous pastoral landscapes to Danielle, though. She had to see it for herself.

Tightening the search focus to within twenty miles of cities near major universities, interstates and airports, they visited multiple locations. A top choice soon surfaced: Giles County, Virginia.  Beautifully situated in the mountains only twenty minutes from Blacksburg, it had the total package: a place where the kids could have some space to run while also providing easy access to business routes.

After moving the Giles County in 1998, Jay put his talents into land development, creating communities centered around the mountains that had first drawn him there.

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